Bonnie's Tale - a short film narrated by Richard Briers

We are delighted to have the distinctive voice of Richard Briers for the narration of our new short film Bonnie's Tale; a voice which we have grown to love over the past few decades.

Richard BriersThe star of such TV hits as The Good Life said "Everyone has a soft spot for seals. I think the shooting of seals is absolutely awful especially during their breeding seasons."

The more people watch the film and sign our online pledge, the greater the chance that the Scottish Government will better protect these beautiful and defenceless creatures. You would be helping fantastically if you do one or more of the following:

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Sign our form then share this short film with your friends, family and colleagues. The more people know about the plight of seals, the more chance there is of the Scottish Government reviewing its legislation.

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Sign our pledge

Gordon Buchanan“I find it deplorable that current legislation allows the shooting of seals during the breeding season. A bullet may kill an adult seal outright but for any still dependent pup their ultimate death is preceded by starvation and untold misery.”

Gordon Buchanan
Wildlife film-maker

Chris Packahm“Our seals have a tough enough time as it is...pollution, disease, disturbance – all the unfortunate hazards of the modern environment, without being shot during their breeding season. These wonderful animals must not be victims of our own mismanagement of the seas.”

Chris Packham
Conservationist, Writer, Television Presenter

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